Slow Feed Pet Tumbler Toy

Slow Feed Pet Tumbler Toy

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We all have a 'little kid' at home. The Solid Wood Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Benches And Other Things In The House Will Be Chewed by them. Yes! We knew it is frustrated. Don't worry, here comes Tumbler Leaking Ball. 

  • Chewing Benefit: Teach chewing habits and satisfy their natural behavior to chew, which can greatly reduce their anxiety and boredom. 
  • The Tumbler Design:  The whole new treat leaky design will attract our loves to play with it. It enhanced the interaction with our loves not only improve their IQ but also encourage them to do more sports
  • Safety and Non-Toxic Material: Our interactive toy ball is made of hard plastic (ABS + PC), which is non-toxic and odorless material that disassembles for cleaning needs. We take care of the quality of a product. You take care of the partnership. Together, we provide a safe and happy environment for our love.
  • Hollow Design: The hollow breathable design with an adjustable leaky hole will not easily leak out the snack. It will slow down the eating speed of the puppy at a certain level which betters digestion and reduces bloating.